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What is the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Introducing the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus initiative, a streamlined application that merges the Federal Greener Homes Grant with the Provincial Home Efficiency Rebate, exclusively designed for Ontario homeowners. This innovative program offers a seamless and convenient process for eligible participants to access rebates of up to $10,000. These rebates aim to support homeowners in implementing energy-efficient upgrades, such as the installation of replacement windows and doors, leading to a greener and more sustainable living environment.

Effective January 1, 2023, Ontario homeowners are required to apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program in order to access the sought-after Canada Greener Homes Grant. This integration ensures a comprehensive approach to enhancing home efficiency and reducing environmental impact, fostering a brighter and more eco-friendly future for all.

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What is the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus
What is the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

How can I apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus?

To take advantage of the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus, follow these steps to ensure eligibility for the program and to receive rebates for your energy-efficient windows and doors:

  1. Schedule an in-home consultation with Centennial, our trusted partner.
  2. Prior to making any upgrades, arrange for an energy assessment to be conducted. We can assist you in arranging this assessment - just inform us of your interest.
  3. During the assessment, inform your Energy Advisor that you wish to apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program. Your Energy Advisor will initiate the application process for you.
  4. Proceed with the window and door replacements through Centennial.
  5. After the upgrades are completed, schedule another energy assessment.
  6. Submit any required documentation to your Energy Advisor, who will handle the completion of your application and its submission to Enbridge Gas.
  7. Once approved, you will receive your well-deserved rebate cheque as a reward for your energy-efficient efforts!

By following these straightforward steps, you can maximize the benefits of the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program and contribute to a more sustainable and energy-conscious future for your home.

Who is Eligible for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus?

The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program extends its benefits to all homeowners in Ontario with a few exceptions:

  1. Homeowners who commence upgrades before conducting the initial energy assessment.
  2. Homeowners who have already availed themselves of incentives to the maximum limit through the Home Efficiency Rebate or Canada Greener Homes Grant programs ($5,000 for non-Enbridge Gas customers and $10,000 for Enbridge Gas customers).
  3. Homeowners whose properties are not their primary residence and lack an active Enbridge Gas account.
  4. Homes constructed within the last 6 months.
  5. Multi-unit residential buildings exceeding 3 storeys or with a total area larger than 600 m2.
  6. Mixed-use buildings that are less than 50% residential.
  7. Cooperative housing.

To qualify for the enhanced Enbridge Gas rebates, homeowners must meet either of the following criteria:

  1. Be an existing Enbridge Gas customer, residing or owning property within the Enbridge Gas franchise service areas at the time of the pre-retrofit energy assessment.
  2. Be in the process of converting to Enbridge Gas natural gas.

For more detailed information, kindly refer to the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus FAQs. Embrace this opportunity to make your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly!

What is the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

*Please be aware that the double up rebate promotion offered by Panorama Windows and Doors for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program cannot be combined with any other promotions provided by Panorama. This includes promotions such as a 20% discount or any other ongoing offers. Eligible participants must choose between the exclusive double up rebate promotion or any other standalone promotion offered by Panorama. The aim is to ensure clarity and fairness in the application of promotions, allowing homeowners to make an informed decision on the most suitable offer for their energy-efficient upgrades. Selecting the double up rebate promotion means availing the enhanced rebate benefit while forgoing other individual discounts or promotions by Panorama Windows and Doors.