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Here are some cheap ideas how to seal up windows and deal with drafts

These practices may be a temporary solution, but for permanent results you should replace your old windows with energy saving windows from Panorama Windows & Doors. Replacement and installation of energy efficient windows can be done on your time and within your budget.

You can use a lit incense stick to check for drafts in your windows and see if they are leaking.You want to insulate fast your drafty windows this winter without spending much. However be aware that what those tips are not permanent solutions and often they are more damaging creating mold and moisture.

As a temporary solution you can use rubber weather sealing for drafts. However, when you try to peel away the rubber strips, your windows look worst because the paint is damaged and those strips leave a sticky residue. You can also choose window insulation films, but you will have difficulty to remove the tape in spring. Eventually you will have to scrap the tape off and repaint it. You could go cheap with a clear, plastic shower curtain or stuff the leaking area with an old t-shirt or a towel. You may decide to use a plastic wrap and foam to cover drafts. Using creativity, you can make a snake out of tube socks filled with rice; this is a temporary draft blocker that encourages mold growth and condensation damage.

Another very common practice is filling with cotton balls all of the cracks around your windows, those cotton balls are ideal to retain moisture thus creating areas with mold. Some people may choose to install layered curtains or heavy fabrics covering the windows, however it still creates condensation and it doesn’t saves you money on your electricity bill. You can cut a Plexiglas to fit your windows, temporary it can work but again it creates condensation.You can also try clear bubble-wrap on your windows that looks awful. However you will not have much as a view from your windows and it is perfect to increase moisture, which brings mold not only to your windows but also to inside structure that holds your windows.

Therefore you will end up paying more at long term for replacement of your windows and their inside structure. Mold in your house is an important health issue and to get rid of mold can be very expensive. Feeding on moisture and damp conditions, mold and mildew are microorganisms akin to fungi. You have to be careful, condensation can be a complete bugger and moisture can cause problems with mold and mildew, and even rotting wood around the windows causing damage.

Panorama Windows & Doors can save you money on your energy bills and it will add the value of your home if you plan to sell your property. Our energy saving windows is your best bet on how to make sure your home is properly insulated in the long term.

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